Sunday, February 16, 2014


This past week I lost my dog. She was the sweetest, cutest little dog I've ever had. In her honor and memory I've written this poem.

The pink pig
My good girl
Fuffa dog
My baby girl
My freckled faced girl.

It is not fair that your heart began to fail
And that out if kindness we had to put you down
It is not fair the vet messed up
And could not give us medicine to save your life
It is not fair that you should suffer
Or that you no longer spin for a treat
Or Bark for sushi
Or mooch just bout any food we have
Or stomp your feet for a taste
Or go for a ride or walk
Or laugh 
Or give a stinky kiss on my nose
Or drink fresh water from the jug
Or rub your bum on the grass or the rug
Or stretch on three legs like a ballerina 

And it is not fair that you were once a puppy mill 
Or got cancer
But at least we rescued you
And had the cancer removed.

That should have been enough suffer for one dog
But apparently it isn't.

No it is not fair
And now I can only hope
you are in a better place.

Frankly I doubt it
Heaven, it seems, is a myth.

We love you


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