Sunday, February 16, 2014


This past week I lost my dog. She was the sweetest, cutest little dog I've ever had. In her honor and memory I've written this poem.

The pink pig
My good girl
Fuffa dog
My baby girl
My freckled faced girl.

It is not fair that your heart began to fail
And that out if kindness we had to put you down
It is not fair the vet messed up
And could not give us medicine to save your life
It is not fair that you should suffer
Or that you no longer spin for a treat
Or Bark for sushi
Or mooch just bout any food we have
Or stomp your feet for a taste
Or go for a ride or walk
Or laugh 
Or give a stinky kiss on my nose
Or drink fresh water from the jug
Or rub your bum on the grass or the rug
Or stretch on three legs like a ballerina 

And it is not fair that you were once a puppy mill 
Or got cancer
But at least we rescued you
And had the cancer removed.

That should have been enough suffer for one dog
But apparently it isn't.

No it is not fair
And now I can only hope
you are in a better place.

Frankly I doubt it
Heaven, it seems, is a myth.

We love you


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why am I in Amazon?

After a careful review of the sale reports I've received for 2013 I must say that overall, I am pleased that people are reading my stories. This is why I write them after all. It would be better if I could charge $1 and yield the sane result, but this past year is really the first time people have been paying attention to my work. And that for now it enough.

There is one notable exception to this however. Amazon. They do not allow me to make my stories free and so there was no activity in Amazon for me in 2013. So why am I in Amazon?

Good question. The answer is mostly because of an article I read on self-publishing in Time magazine. I blogged about it at the time and one of their conclusions was you have to be in Amazon so people can find you.

And that may be but the fact remains, month after month, I'm seeing no activity in Amazon when I am seeing in Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, to name two. I think that would be different if I could set the price to $0 in Amazon but I can't.

So I've decided not to post anything more in Amazon until something changes because it is a waste of my time. I am busy enough writing and promoting my work that if Amazon will not make it easy for me to set the price I want then I have no reason to do business with them.

Keep writing everyone.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Year Ending

I got a report from Smashwords about the activity on all my stories for 2013. It turns out that people have been quite busy snatching up my work at Barnes & Noble. I have a similar report from Amazon. The bottom line on all this is I had a good year in 2013. On average I had from 1 to 2 reads a day for all my work. But because the stories are free that's a few hundred dollars that aren't in my pocket.

So why don't I charge 99 cents for them? Because the stories that aren't free aren't moving. No one wants to read them. Besides the purpose of giving away the stories right now is to get people familiar with my work. Hopefully they will look for more information about me (my web site address is in each story) or search for other work by me and find that my novel is available.

I was supposed to have numbers from my publisher too but that didn't happen so I'm going to ask to get a hint at how my novel is selling.

Meanwhile I continue to release a story a month and these of these is getting a lot of attention. The story I released in December has over 150 downloads now, the story from last month hit 100 downloads, and this month's story had 25 downloads in a day. Those are good numbers.  It means people like what they are finding and coming back for more.

Hopefully this also means that they are looking for other work, finding my novel, and buying it.

And speaking of my novel, I finally got my first reviews. Two 4-star reviews to be precise in Amazon. I have copied them to my web site as well.

A volume of poetry looks more and more likely this year and Book 5 is up to 6000 words in a month. At that rate I might be done with it by October or November.

Keep writing everyone.